Sunday, August 28, 2011

Once was too much, but I still get twice

Hello old friend.  I seem to have taken a blog-cation.  It was nice... kind of. 

I have been so busy.  I don't think a minute has gone by where I haven't been on the phone with an insurance adjuster, rental car agent, builders, auto body repair, out cleaning up the mess in the garage, organizing and making lists of damaged items, repairing my garage and yard, cleaning up the neighbors yard, and in my spare time when I can finally sit... I spend that time worrying about all of the above listed things.

Crazy week.

I came home thursday at approximately 4 in the afternoon to three cars parked in front of my house, a cop car, a tractor, my even more damaged yard, and a VERY damaged black truck.  After giving the officer my information he tells me that three teenagers lost control on the turn, (the same one the drunk driver did) went through my yard, ran over my pine tree, and then rolled the truck multiple times landing in the neighbors yard.  Two of the kids went to the hospital by ambulance (which explains the blood all over my sidewalk) and the driver looked pale as a ghost and glassy eyed.  I spoke to the parents, telling them how sorry I was and informing them that I'm doing everything possible to get a sign put on that turn that screams 'SLOW DOWN!'.  They were rude and made it very obvious that I wasn't welcome. 

The trucks window broke out in the neighbors grass and the mirror busted all over his driveway.  The kids came back the next day and didn't even bother to clean it up, much less offer to fix the hundreds of dollars of damaged that they did to my yard. 

I'm really just glad they are alright.  It scared me though, two accidents in my yard in a week.  What if Ryder was playing there when it happened?  Do I really still want to let my kids play in that part of the yard?  And what are the chances of another accident happening there?  You would think the possibilty of just one accident there is pretty slim, must less two pretty severe accidents.  I think I would call driving through a garage 150 feet away from the road pretty severe. 

On a better note, my garage is fixed.  My car will be soon... hopefully... although I suppose he can take as long as he wants, I'm reaaaalllly enjoying the jeep. 

Ryder fell off the rocking chair this week too.  Bruises on his chin, his teeth went through his tongue and he split the inside of his lip.  I suppose I'm up for mom-of-the-year award again.  I'm going to have a whole collection of them by the time my kids are old enough to drive. 

To top it all off... Ryder also has pink eye.  Drops to each eye three times a day.  He sees the drop bottle and squeezes his eyes closed very tight.  He's too cute.

He LOVES these cars.  He SCREAMED his head off when we had to take him out, then last night he saw one in the parking lot and almost climbed out of the cart to get to it while screaming and pointing.  He knows what he wants. 

Note to grocery stores: Carry more than one or two carts with cars on them.

I'm off the the grocery store tomorrow at 6am.  I'm determined to get the best deals.  There is SO many things free this week I'm not sure what to do with myself.  I'm going to spend hours tonight cutting coupons and making lists, planning out my every purchase.  Practicing my math skills.  This will be the most extreme I've gotten while couponing.  It makes it worth it when I imagine all the people I can help... and how pretty it will all look sitting on my shelves.

I pray it all works out... its stressful driving that far and going through so much hassle for it not to work out. 

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Drunk Driving in the Garage

I'm a little uninspired for words on this one.  You would think that it would be the opposite but lack of sleep and stress has my brain fried.

I stayed up late last night.  My head hit the pillow at around 1:30am and I was awaken at 2:00 by the loudest, scariest sounding crashing noises I've ever heard.  They shook the house, one and then another seconds later.  Both Shane and I immediately thought that the tree in our back yard had fallen on the house.  (we have been told by a gentleman from a tree service that there is a large risk of this happening)  Yes, the noise was that loud.  Shane ran out into the garage and opening the door, I followed cell phone in hand already dialing 911 before I even really knew what was going on.

A kid... I'm really hoping he was at least 21, was drunk...very drunk... lost control on the curb before my house, traveled his little car all the way through my side yard, smashed into Shane's truck going at speeds of at least 60mph, and went through the garage.  Of course I had chosen this night to actually park in the garage and his little car pushed the whole entire garage wall along with the whole contents of the left side of the garage right into my car.

He was scared.  He was so drunk that he actually begged Shane not to call the police, even stating at one point that he himself would fix our garage.  When Shane came over to talk to me for a bit, the kids took off running through the backyard, hiding their beer cooler behind my house as if we wouldn't notice.  Since they left, the police won't get them for drunk driving, but they will get the driver for hit and run.  And the poor kid already is going to court this next week for drugs.  I pray that he straightens his life up.

The damage on the truck is bad.  Not as bad as it could have been, but the bumper, grill, left light and front side panel are done for.  The garage has a car sized hole in the wall, and my car... well it's still covered in every tool Shane owns.  We are waiting until the insurance adjuster can come out before we do an evaluation of the damage to that.  I'm a  little scared to see it.

We also have to do an evaluation to the damage of the contents of the garage.  Until then, I won't have a car... again.

The thing that scares me the most... minutes before I had gone and gotten Ryder to lay him next to me in bed. Wyatt was in his bassinet on the other side of me.  If he would have turned the wheel even a little bit to the right then his car would have not hit Shane's truck and traveled right through my bedroom wall hitting both me and the boys.  Thinking about that makes me a little sick to my stomach.  My life would be over if anything ever happened to my boys.  Thank you God for everyone keeping their lives in this terrible mess.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

What a stinker.

Ryder has this new game.  He loves to throw things at Trevor.  I find it... well... funny.  I know... It's very wrong, and I definitely do not laugh at him when he does it... just a quick chuckle when he isn't looking!

Well, tonight he threw a flashlight at Trevor.  It didn't really hurt him, but I knew what needed to be done.  I walked over, got on my knees in front of him and grabbed his arms.  I put my face inches from him and said "Ryder.. you do NOT throw!" in my meanest Momma voice.

You know what the little stinker did...

He shook his head 'no' at me.  He bowed his little head and went to town shaking it back and forth.

I had to get up and walk away so he wouldn't see me cracking up.

How can you yell at that?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's that time again.

Wordless Wednesday.  Today you get words.

I was nibbling on some oreos while I looked through a sales ad and Ryder wandered over.  I gave him one (because there is no way I can eat one without him if I want any peace in the house) and he ate the frosting out of it and sat it back on the counter for me.  What has dada been teaching you, Ryder?

This is a new favorite.  We got out of the shower this morning, dried his hair, pulled off the towel and found this.  I was thinking he might fit in pretty well in Whoville. 

 This is exciting too!  Wyatt ate his first food today.  Carrots.  Yum!  He ate half a jar before he started to lose interest.  I'm very impressed.  When did he get so big?  He also holds his own bottle now.  (sigh) Finally get some sleep at night!

Slip and Slide.  Ryder LOVED it.  I slid him a few times, face first into the cold water.  (I'm up for mother of the year award for that one) He had more fun running in and out of the sprays of water.   

BBQ Chicken Pizza.  New big hit in our house.  I use a store bought pizza crust, throw chicken chunks in the crock pot with BBQ sauce for the day, cut and cook up onions, green peppers and bacon, and then add all the ingredients with added sauce and tons of cheese.  

I let Trevor make his own pizza tonight.  He used fresh mushrooms, green pepper and pepperoni.  He loved making his own pizza, getting to help in the kitchen, and hes not a big fan of BBQ sauce.  Both the pizzas were almost completely gone between the 5 of us. 

My little eater.  Seems like that is all he does some days.  He's getting so big, and so grown up.  He actually climbed onto the barstool and sat next to dada eating his cereal that morning for breakfast.  He doesn't like to eat alone either, so when we aren't around he will pick up his bowl and follow us to wherever we are so that he can eat next to us.  

Shane made me a birthday cake.  Strawberry with Cream Cheese frosting.  Not my favorite normally, but I ended up eating about 75% of it myself.  Where did my baby fat diet go? 

Friday, August 12, 2011


I know I promised a novel tonight, but to be completely honest... I'm too tired to type it.

We did do a very good thing.  We had one of those "get things done" days.  Cleaned the garage, list of normal household chores, hung pictures, cleaned the yard... and we converted the crib to a toddler bed.

Ryder got to help.

He was so excited to be able to climb in and out of his bed.

I am so excited to have a boy that will soon be out of the crib and into a real bed.

At bed time, we did our routine then I walked him into his room holding his hand.  I asked him to climb into his big boy bed, he laid down on his pillow, I covered him up, turned on his dog, told him how much I loved him, kissed his cheek, shut off the light and left the room shutting the door behind me.


More silence.

No pounding on the door.

No yelling, crying, talking to himself, or yelling for momma.

No sounds coming from toys.


He went to sleep... without getting up.

I'm so proud of him.

If you think my boy did an amazing job then click away!
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A little late for Wordless Wednesday

I promise I'll say a ton... tomorrow.