Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life happens.

This will be my first post in three days.  So much for promising to update every day.  Life happens.

I've decided that R is a tornado.  He goes through and leaves a path of destruction within minutes, and you never really know whats happening until you are standing there looking at the biggest mess you've ever seen.  And then, it takes two hours to clean up the mess that was made in just minutes.  Sounds like a tornado, right?

R is also getting SO big.  I think that I blinked and he grew two inches.  He's also changing so much.  He points to everything, hes starting to try to communicate with us, and he is so smart that he can copy something you do after watching you do it once.  My boy is a mini genius.  I'm thinking of getting him a grey wig actually because I'm thinking hes got some Einstein DNA. 

Speaking of grey... Why in the world do I have more grey hairs than I can count?  When did I get this old?  And what has happened in my life that has caused me this many grey hairs?

R gets into so much trouble.  Let me give you some examples.  These pictures were taken within a one hour time period.

What am I going to do with this boy?  But on the other hand, how can anyone be mad at this face?

He's the cutest baby in the world.  No lie.  The cutest baby in the world is currently squirting his juice box all over his animal crackers and then making them swim in it.

W is getting so big too.  He's awake more, and is starting to make little noises.  He also has his daddy's temper.  It could have never come from me... he only gets the good things from me.  He still has tummy trouble.  I will talk to the doctor again in a week about it.  No vomiting in awhile, but he goes through about an hour of screaming non-stop every day when he is trying to poop.  He has a lot of trouble and there is really nothing I can do.  It makes me feel terrible that he is in so much pain.  Poor little man.

R just finished his food and pointed to the freezer.  "Da..Da...Da" as he points.  He wanted a Popsicle, and when I pulled one out and asked him if that's what he wanted he got really excited.  Seems I've created a monster.

Look how beautiful W is.

He still has a monkey nose though.  Again from darling husband!

We completely redid the store today.  The people from Metro said it looks good on approval, but we have to declutter the store, and make it look more like a cell phone store.  We had left it the way it was when we got it.  I have to say, it looks a million times better now.  Defiantly more like a cell phone store.  I'm proud of it.  We should know on approval by the end of the week.  I am so excited, I really hope we get approved.

It looks like my cabinets threw up on my counters.  I never put the groceries away last night after I came home with them.  I was just too tired.  And as I sit here typing to you, a mountain of laundry sits heaped on my bed calling my name.  "fold me.... FOLD ME... you know you want to, you know it's more important than removing the soggy animal crackers from R's hair"

And you know... I'm really not sure how the french fry got into R's diaper.

Bath time.  Goodnight.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Working Mom

I started back to work today for the first time since I had W.  Just on Sundays, but it was an adventure.  W had a tummy ache while we were there so he screamed for a good hour.  He is currently sitting on my lap watching me type this, all better because he filled his diaper with stinky yellow goo.  TMI I know. 

Husband looked at me when I got home and said "now I know why you send me pictures all day of the stuff R does".  While I was gone, R got ahold of a full bottle of water and took a sip, then tipped it upside down and poured the whole contents all over the floor.  What a good boy he is to show his dada what momma goes through all day long.  R also got ahold of husband's laptop and started "typing" - or slamming his hands on the keyboard - and got the computer so messed up husband had to do a reset on it.  He's so much fun, I'm sorry I missed it.

I have pictures to post of trouble R got into yesterday, and a beautiful one of W sleeping, but you will have to wait until tomorrow. 

We are hopeful that husband and I will come back from work tomorrow with good news.  Be praying.  Also, while we are on the subject of prayer.  A good friend of ours needs all that he can get, if you would be so kind as to include him as well. 

Off to do the mountain of dishes that have built up, Goodnight!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

W Hospital Photos

Momma of 2 = Coffee Addiction

I'm starting to catch myself saying the things that my mother said to me when I was young.  I never thought the phrase "because I said so" would ever come out of my mouth.  Does this mean that we are all destined to be just like our parents? 

Not that that's a bad thing.  (Hi Mom!) 

I remember though, when I was young, not understanding why she would say some of those things.  Now I realize, "because I said so" is just an easier thing to say than having to explain that we as parents are just trying to do our best to help them grow up as safe and as good of a person as possible. 

W's diapers stink so bad.  Ever since we switched formula, he is having more frequent stinky diapers, but when I say stinky, I mean STINKY.  R's diapers always smelled like buttered popcorn.  Funny, right? 

I did all of my shopping yesterday.  The toilet paper, paper towel, cat food, groceries, etc.  After unloading the groceries and putting them away, I left the bag of paper products sitting on the floor while I rested a minute.  R got into the bag, pulled out all four rolls of paper towel and put them into the trash can.  Isn't he wonderful? 

R is still sick.  No more fevers, instead he has snot dripping down his face like a faucet that I can't turn off.  I chase him around the house all day long wiping his nose.  Despite that, I somehow still have snot all over my clothes from his climbing on me.  The joys of being momma.

Baby Fat Diet Status: Fail.

I'm excited about warm weather coming.  When we moved in here I pictured the boys playing in the yard.  I had big plans for a fenced in yard, large swing set, and a picnic table.  The money ran out before my ideas did, so I have to settle with a blank canvas for now. 

I can't wait to get R outside this year and let him play in the grass.  He's finally old enough to enjoy it.  Although, without the fence, I have a feeling there will be a lot of corralling.

This is a picture of T, and R when he was a few months old.  One of my favorites.
Life lesson for today:  Eating cake will not help you lose weight.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life should have a handbook

I would like to thank the people at Samsung for making the childproof lock on the buttons of my washer and dryer.  I honestly never thought I would use them until R gained the ability of reaching them overnight.  I won't forget to mention the fact that nothing on the counters is safe anymore either.
I'm so thankful that the work in my basement is finished.  My dear husband uses it much more than I do, but it's a beautiful addition to my house.  The work of keeping the sawdust and drywall dust off everything was getting exhausting. 



Dear husband, T, and I played Monopoly down there last night.  T has been begging all week to play.  Usually husband has everyone whipped in the first 30 minutes, but he was off his game last night.  I was actually winning until it got late and we closed up the game.  T won, of course.  That made him feel great. 

W vomited again last night.  I was so hopeful that the change in formula was actually helping.  It's very hard for me to not have any answers.  His poor little tummy.  I know when he is going to vomit because he gets cranky, won't eat, and won't sleep until he does.  Mother's are supposed to have all the answers - I wonder if there is a handbook somewhere that I missed out on. 
Last night R gave W a kiss on the forehead.  It was so cute and my phone was just too slow to catch it.  The picture turned out more like R just looking at W. 

Then I was randomly taking pictures of W, and caught this.  Talk about a jackpot photograph!  How did I get such beautiful children?  Of course every mother in the world asks the same question, but mine are just a little cuter.

Baby fat diet is still a fail.  I was doing so well, I can't figure out what my problem is.  I think it's PMS - or at least I plan on blaming it on that.  And the fact that it's the end of the month and all of the healthy food has been eaten, leaving all of the junk that I buy for my husband.  So it's his fault... my husband is keeping me fat.

Still working on getting T used to having R in his room.  Every time R gets into something (which I let him do unless he could get hurt) T is yelling at him.  I keep having to tell T that R gets to play with whatever he wants in his room now.  I'm beginning to think it would just be easier to put T in the small room and not give him a choice.
Life lesson for today: The game of life is much easier than real life.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No sense crying over spilt milk

Ryders new game is using a cup without a lid.  I supposed it would be a lot less messy and the more sane mothers wouldn't think of giving their 15 month old son a cup of milk with no lid, but it just wouldn't be as much fun to watch how proud he is of himself when he's done.  Even if his clothes are soaked and there is a puddle on the floor.  A puddle of milk is better than a puddle of other things, right?

On to my next point, I've decided that if I didn't have to change R's outfit after every meal, and if my house weren't a complete disaster by the end of the day, my life would not be complete.  Digging toys out of the toilet and tracking down where the rotten smell from the food that he hid somewhere in the house has become a completely normal part of life.

Due to only having two bedrooms for three boys, we are having to figure out where everyone will sleep when W is old enough to be in his crib.  We've given T the chance to be grown up and decide for himself.  He can either have the smaller bedroom (where R now sleeps) all to himself, or he can share his room and all of his toys with R and they can sleep in the large room together.  He decided that he wants to stay and share with R, so we are doing a trial run.  R now gets to play in T's room with him and all of the big boy toys.  It's going alright so far.  I hear quite a bit of "No R" or "Don't touch that R!" but we are working on it.  And boy does R love all of the new toys and trouble he can get into in the new room.

W isn't vomiting any more.  We were a little worried at first because it was becoming more frequent.  The Dr advised me to try a formula change, and after we did that, the vomiting stopped.  His poops still aren't regular enough, but I'm hoping that within a few weeks after the formula has had time to work he will get better with that too.  He did surprise me with 4 stinky diapers to change last night though, so I'm very hopeful. 

The baby fat diet still isn't going well.  Crankiness and moodiness has driven me to eat whatever I see today, including the cake on the counter.  The leftover soda, which I had stopped drinking, has called to me as well.  Maybe tomorrow.

I realize now that if I'm listing all of the crazy and eventful things that my children do here, I'll have nothing to talk to my mother about after she reads this. 

Life lesson for today:  You never love poop until you become a mom.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cheerios and Popsicles

I don't think there has been a day when I don't have a trail of cheerios through my house.  Of course I could restrict R to only eating in his high chair, but then he would ALWAYS be there.  It wouldn't be so bad if my carpet weren't the exact same color.  Crunch Crunch when I walk as the cheerios get ground in, and the ones that don't grind, stick to the bottom of my feet. 

R is sick, and has been sick for days.  It would be easier if it were a runny nose, or cough, but no... instead its fevers and crankiness with no real obvious cause to be known.  So the poor boy walks around crying all day and clinging to me or dear husband.  The only peace I have between his clinging, crying and W, who relys on me for everything, is giving the boy a popsicle.  That pleasant two minutes that it takes him to suck down the mini popsicles I got is like eating the best chocolate in the world, or getting a full uninterupted night of sleep. 

Today was supposed to be the re-start of my baby fat diet.  I was doing really well and then gave myself a break for dear husband's birthday.  Today I told myself that I would get back to eating healthy and smaller portions.  Then for lunch I had a Special K Protein Shake and used a fork to take large bites from the cake that is sitting on my counter.  So much for re-start. 

Thanks to Aunt Jane and Uncle Bear for the beautiful sweaters for the boys.

Life lesson for today: A push up bra and Cheerios are a mother's best friends.