Friday, December 21, 2012

Wyatt's First Haircut

I don't remember being so emotional for Ryder's first haircut.  He was 14 months old at the time.  Wyatt's first haircut was on 12/15/12, Ryder's birthday party, and my wedding anniversary.  I had to fight back tears as every one of his precious curls hit the floor.  It was heartbreaking, but I couldn't have imagined what a grown up beautiful little boy he would be with his first little boy haircut.

He hated every minute of it, so I kept him busy throwing a ball with me running to catch it.  I felt like a labrador retriever - but it worked.  The cheese balls helped quite a bit too.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Ryder!

So, I'm sure every mother has that moment when their child reaches a birthday or milestone where they step back with a tear threatening to spill from their eye and say "I cannot believe my baby did this."

I cannot believe my baby is 3.

He's so grown up.

First Birthday
Second Birthday
Third Birthday

He had such a blast getting all the attention, and opening the gifts.  Like any other child, we had to pull him away from one toy to open the next.  We also got moments of his lovely three year old attitude where he would act out, including throwing a toy car and hitting Wyatt right in the nose with it.  

Happy birthday, my sweet boy.  May you have many more happy, healthy years to come.

Keeping my Memories Here

I've been desperately slacking on my posts this past year.  So much has happened that I could be writing about, and instead, I've ignored my computer and just enjoyed the moment.  Hopefully from here on out I will be better about sharing the life of my bunch, any keeping my memories here.

Wish me luck.