Monday, July 25, 2011

Danger zone

My house seems very stuffy recently.

Don't get me wrong, every time I drive up and see through the trees the perfectly groomed lawn (not so much right now because Shane's been so busy), the landscaping we spent so much time on, the lake house like wood siding, I fall in love all over again.  Inside its a different story, I feel like the walls are closing in on me.

It's the kind of stuffy you feel when you wake up in the middle of winter and look outside to realize that three feet of snow has fallen over night and any plans that you would have had for the next three days are completely out of the picture. You're trapped in the house until the snow melts.

I've spent the last week going out, shopping, going to garage sales, spending time at Shane's shop.  Just being away.

Will it get better?

Ryder is so incredibly smart.  I think I say that every day, but he really shocks me.  Today he learned the sign for 'finished'.  He only does it with one hand, and he hasn't quite got the twist part down, but it's good enough for me.  He also said Mickey.  It sounded more like 'Mihk' but any word is better than what he has been saying!  Or not saying.  The doctor said he's just taking his time.  He said that he would recommend speech therapy but only to help him along, not because he really needs it.  He said that at this age it would help me more by giving me ways to teach him.

I'll take anything that helps me raise my children to the best of my ability.

Shane is a different person recently.  It's incredible how something he enjoys has changed him so much.  He is out of the house before 8 each morning, goes to bed early, and is actually happy all the time.  I love him more than anything, he's my life.  Our boys and I really couldn't survive without him.  It makes me proud, and really happy to rely on him so much.  He's amazing.

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More Wy! He's the cutest baby I've ever seen!

V-O-T-E... Please?

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ice cream to kick the heat!

Today was a hot one.  I don't mind it too much but I do keep in mind how dangerous it is.  Ryder's sippy has been filled with ice water for the past week because of the heat.

We stopped by DQ today to get ice cream.  I got junior cones for Ryder and Trevor.  R's first ice cream cone.  It was fun to watch him take small little nibbles of it.  It amazes me how even though he was just making little nibbles it got all over his face, his hands, his car seat, seat belt, legs, arms, hair... and whatever else you can imagine.  But he loved every minute of it, until the ice cream melted so much that it fell off his cone right onto his bare leg. That didn't go over so well.  I'm not sure if he was more upset that he lost his treat, or that it was all over his leg.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dead animal? Last months dinner.

When I was young I remember playing a memory game that always kept me entertained in the car going someplace.  It went something like "Today I went to the grocery store and bought an... Apple" and then the next person said "Today I went to the grocery store and bought an apple and a... Bagel."  And so on.  Each person would have to remember all of the items from the alphabet and also say an item that starts with the next letter.  It's a good memory for me.

Well... today I went to the grocery store and saved a TON of money. 

Less that $60.00 was spent on everything in that picture.  Maybe not as extreme as it could have been, but I'm pretty proud of myself.  I had a total savings of $176.24. 

I want to tell the world.  Scream it from the rooftops. "YOU'RE PAYING TOO MUCH!"

I'm addicted.

It's funny though.  A lot of people look at you when you're walking through the store with a HUGE bright pink binder full of coupons in front of you, an envelope full in one hand, android phone with calculator pulled up in the other and somehow pushing the cart while scanning the shelves for your next great deal. 

Shopping before I never remember seeing people do that.  In fact, the first time I ever saw someone with a coupon binder was the day I tried mine out for the first time.  It makes me wonder how long this will be popular. 

Saving this kind of money, it may be for awhile. 

I miss my boys.  Trevor is back from his weekend with his mom, but I've worked all weekend so my time spent with Ryder was while he was cuddled in my arms sleeping last night.  It's not going to get any better either.  I'm back to work for the next month. 

Not really work, but closing up our cell phone store.  It was a great idea, would have been really good for us if the woman that sold it to us hadn't lied about what she was selling.  What has the world come to that someone would lie to place their bad situation on someone else just so they can run the other way.  Where has the honesty gone?

Going out of business sale.

Jealousy is a sad and dangerous emotion.  It's defiantly not something that should be in a christian based family.  But we are all human.  And I cannot control the fact that I'm extremely jealous that my husband is sitting at home right now cuddling a sleep warmed half awake drowsy eyed little boy.  While I am here... working.

I miss the life of the stay-at-home mom.  Soon it will be time to put 'business woman' me back into the closet and set out for doing dishes, changing stinky diapers, and trying to figure out if the item I found in the toy box is a dead animal, or a piece of last months dinner. Oh, the good ole' days. 

              Two months ago                                                                   Today
               Two months ago                                                                    Today            


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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bathtime Bubbles

I had this posted before, but its so cute I figured it deserved it's own post.  I love the way water plays on peoples eyelashes. 

He just looks so perfect and sweet here!

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These are a few of my favorite things

Blogging is my new second favorite thing.  Being a mom is the first of course with couponing coming in close third.  My husband is so supportive of my blog and it makes it all the better for me.  Doesn't every wife want approval and support from her husband?

I'm sure his opinion would change though if he knew that I'd rather be blogging instead of fixing his dinner.

My dream for this blog is to be in the top 10 on the baby blog list for people to enjoy the stories I post about my boys as much as I enjoy experiencing it.  And to be able to help someone.  Maybe there is someone out there somewhere that can take my experience, whether good or bad, and learn from it in some way. 

Maybe it's you?

My theme song this week is 'This is the Stuff' by Francesca Battistelli.  Seems like everything and anything is getting under my skin.  I even had to walk away from Ryder yesterday to keep from getting after him.  I suppose that makes me human, but you can imagine the guilt I have for reacting so negatively towards such a sweet little boy. 

Ryder has mastered the sign for 'again' which we use for the word more and now we are moving on to 'all done'.  After that I believe we will do the sign for please.  I'm loving how easy this is to teach him, and how very quickly he picks it up and uses it.  So far he is only using the sign for more when I ask if he wants more, but I know eventually it will be a natural way for him to ask for more of something.  It makes his lack of speech very manageable and a lot less urgent.

Wy has learned to roll.  From one side of the house to the other.  In circles.  Off the bed.  Well not off the bed yet but we are working very hard to avoid an accident like that.  He's growing so quickly.  I look at baby Anna and think about how she's just a baby, and then I realize that it seems like Wy was just a baby less than five months ago. 

My goal for the week, starting Monday (because I have to work today and tomorrow) is to replace at least one meal a day for Ryder with something either organic, or healthier for him than what he has been eating.  I've worked hard to replace most of his snacks with organic.  I've been tired and busy recently though, so meals consist of anything that I can get him to eat.  I've been inspired by Jess at 'IROCKSOWHAT' and her mini pizzas.  What a great idea.  I can admit that I've done this before, but never to the extent of making it that healthy.  I'll keep you updated on my meal choices.


Coupon shopping tonight after work.  I've been waiting all week to go because I get paid today and my good coupons expire tomorrow. The only bad thing about going this late in the week is that I'm not the only couponer.  As I stroll down the isles with my shopping cart and coupon binder laid neatly out in front of me, I pass other people with identical shopping carts and identical coupon binders, theirs laid neatly out as well. 


Hopefully the good deals are still there.  Including my free yogurt, Silk Almond Milk for $.39 a carton, and $.99 cent packs of bar soap.  If I'm lucky and plan well I will come home with quite a bit of stuff for around 30-40 dollars.  Not quite "The Krazy Coupon Lady" but not bad if you ask me. 

Farmer Boy

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A little serious?

No one ever mentions to a huge ready to pop Momma-to-be that she's about to be in for the ride of her life.  From "up-all-night-can't-figure-out-what-he-wants-screams" to "How did he get into that?" and "Didn't I just clean that up?".  Or what about the famous Momma is the only one crying for the first day of school routine.  Being a mom is a journey, full of many paths that turn and weave.  

I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Trevor attempted to shove Ryder's little fingers into the air conditioner the other night.  I still cannot figure out what was going through his head while he did it, but I'm sure I don't want to know.  I keep thinking about what life would be like today if his chunky little boy fingers would have actually been hurt somehow.  I thank God that this is another instance in which things turned out a lot better than they could have.

In my mind I'm thinking about how terrible I am to let these things happen to my boys.  What kind of mother am I to look away for the few seconds it would take for Trevor to shove Ryder's fingers into the air conditioner?  Then I realize that not one of us is perfect, and every mother out there is on the same crazy, stressful, wonderful, full of love and baby kisses journey that I'm on and it probably happens to everyone. 

I hope.

Taking this couponing deal to the extreme.  Covergirl is having a sale on eye shadow right now.  With the coupons that I have it will allow me to get 4 eye shadows for $.55 cents each.  What a wonderful deal.

Ryder's brain is working so hard recently.  I can sit and watch him figure stuff out all day long.  He has mastered the 'more' symbol for sign language.  I actually taught him the one for 'again' on accident, but we use it for 'more' and it works perfect.  I am currently working to figure out which to teach him next.  He catches on so quickly!

He loves to play in the baby formula.  I suppose its kind of like sand to him.  I have to be very careful to keep it out of his reach and remove it from the bedside table each morning.  If I don't, then we end up with this...

Wy can roll from one side of the house to the other quicker than you can believe.  I'm a little afraid of what life is going to be like when I have two very mobile sons.  It won't be long.  

I'd like to say goodnight, and to the woman that created the baby harnesses...  Thank you, you're a genius.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Today in Extreme Couponing

I've come to realize that the local grocery store releases the Sunday paper at around 7 Saturday night.  I make my trip up there and get a thrill out of getting a peak at what's to come in the couponing world before a few other people.

This week... free Noxema 4 pack disposable razors and free 6oz Colgate toothpaste.

I purchased the last 4 razors on the shelf sunday morning, and then realized that there were 4 more coupons in the back of them, so in the long run, I actually made $8.00 on that purchase.  I went back and purchased 4 more that they had today, and then waited on the shipment all day.  Since no more came in, and the other local store has already been wiped out, I figured out a trick.  I'm bringing the sales ad and my coupons up to the local Walmart tomorrow.  They will honor the ad and I will still get my last two packs of free razors.

As far as the toothpaste goes, I went to the local grocery store at 8 this morning and hunted everywhere for this "$.99 cent" toothpaste.  After I couldn't find it, I was sure that the store had played a trick on me and it was a different price.  I went home, looked in the ad, then made a mad dash back to the store realizing that there really was toothpaste for $.99 cents.  After getting three of the sales ladies to help me find it, I was able to purchase 11 boxes.  I would have had more, but about two weeks ago I cut out all of my dollar off Colgate coupons and misplaced them.

You can imagine how ridiculous I feel now.

There are free things available to everyone every single week, you just have to do a little work to find them.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

Love Letters

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Being that the boys are still so young, Trevor is with his mom, and I really have little interest in things exploding in the sky, we have forfeited all plans for the day.  I'm sure, one day in the years to come, we will be sitting on our back deck (which isn't there yet) laughing and enjoying the sun with the smell of grilled burgers floating through the air, while the boys run and play in our fenced in yard (which also isn't there yet).  Until then, it will be another normal day.

It's been a very busy week for extreme couponing.  I was able to save 78 percent on my latest grocery bill, and walked out of Walgreen's yesterday with a bag full of 10 free toothbrushes.  I picked up three Rubbermaid drink containers retailing at close to 5 dollars each for only $.99 cents each.  I got 4 Dove deodorants retailing for almost 3 dollars each for $.19 cents each.   And I picked up 5 Garnier Shampoos/Conditioners retailing at around 3 dollars a bottle for only $.69 cents each.  Keep in mind, these are all things that I need.  If I weren't saving so much money, I would purchase the store brand shampoos, deodorants, and overlook the drink containers.  Couponing makes it so that I can have nice things for less than I would normally spend on the cheap store brand items.

And then I get home, put my items away, look at my receipt and feel like I need to celebrate.  I just accomplished the almost impossible.  I just saved so much money.

It's like winning the lottery.

I spent a total of less than $30.00 for the items in the picture above.  

Each of those toothbrushes was completely free.  

I normally do this in the baby book.  Every since before Ryder was born, about every six months I sit down and write them each a letter.  I tell them about the things that they've accomplished, and how I feel being their momma.  Today, I want to share these letters with you also.

My sweet Ryder:

It seems like overnight, and definitely without my permission, you've become a little boy.  You're sweet, loving, smart, a troublemaker, and you love attention.  

You know that we each have cell phones, and you are always great at picking them up wherever they were left and returning them to their owners.  You like the tv remote and will steal it, sit down on the couch and flip through the channels like you know exactly what you are doing.  

You're smarter than I would have every imagined a little boy being.  You can figure anything out, which makes it hard to keep you out of trouble.  

You have to sit on a chair when you eat because it's what everyone else does.  You take a shower like an adult.  Standing under the water, rub soap on yourself, rinse, then dry with a towel.  You just started sleeping with a pillow and blanket.  When I put you to bed at night, you and I talk about how much of a big boy you are with your pillow, and then we cover you with a big boy blanket.  The blanket I made you gets tucked under your arm and on goes your dog to sing you to sleep.  You just lay there and smile up at me as I talk to you.  I tell you how good you are and how much I love you, and then I tell you goodnight while I push the hair off your forehead.

You are an amazing little man, Ryder.  Momma and Dada are so proud of you.  I cannot believe that just a little bit ago you were a little baby in my arms.  Now you are doing things that I wouldn't think you would be able to do until you were like... twenty.

I love you little man, you're doing a great job at growing up.  Keep God in your heart, baby.

Love, Momma

Dear Wy:

The months between when you were born and now seem like minutes.  When you were born you just laid there looking up at me, relying on me for your every need.  While you still rely on me for everything, now you smile away, chatting in your own sweet baby language and looking at me from your spot on the floor where you won't ever stay laying on your back.  Soon you will be crawling.  You already lay there and looking like you're swimming as hard as you can but just not getting anywhere.

You hair is dark, I'm still not sure whether it will quite make it to black like dada's or if it will lighten like Ryder's did.  You're eyes are definitely going to be blue.  They have already started to lighten.  They are big and bright and tell a story.

You smile at everyone, and everyone loves you.  You look a lot more like your dada than you do me.  And that is perfectly fine with me.  You're dada is a very handsome man.  I love him so much, Wyatt.  He is my world, and he gave me you and your brother. 

You've been putting yourself to sleep since you were 2 months old.  That's quite an accomplishment since Ryder didn't start that until he was 7 months old.

I love you, baby.  I cannot wait to see who you become.  Keep growing, keep smiling, and trust God.

Love, Momma. 

I was putting away dinner a few nights ago.  Leftovers never really get eaten in our house, so the last ear of corn went on top of a cereal box in the trash can.  I was relaxing on the couch and Ryder ran up to me with the corn in his hands munching away at it.  Holding back a smile, I told him to go put it back in the trash.  He ran in there put it back, and then came halfway out of the kitchen and just looked at me.  Then he ran back in, grabbed the corn and started munching on it again.  He ate the whole entire thing and went and put it back in the trash can when he was finished.  Who knew he liked corn?  I really don't want to teach him that it's alright to take things out of the trash but it was so cute, and he was actually eating something without us having a huge drama over what he wants!

I'm thinking of using my blog as a sponsor.  Sometimes I will log on just to see how much the little counter on the bottom of my page has gone up.  "Oh Yes!  Look, it went up one!  Oh wait... that's just me...again."  That's usually how it goes.  I've forced everyone I know to receive my blog through email, so I know I'm getting read, but no one actually visits.  

Being a sponsor will create visitors, and if what I write is even close to being any good, then maybe, hopefully it will also create some followers.  But that brings up the question, do I want to responsibility of followers?  And am I good enough to keep them entertained?  I force my blogs on family and friends, and they read because they have to, but what would a complete stranger think of my son digging corn out of the trash and eating it?  Or the fact that I'd rather keep to my schedule than stay up an extra hour to watch the fireworks.  

So the question is, to sponsor or not to sponsor?

It seems funny that the only time i've had to write recently is at three in the morning. I've tried everything.  I'm exhausted but sleep won't come.  Both of my boys are sound asleep next to me, one on each side.  Ryder is snoring quietly.

How did I get so blessed?

How did I end up with beautiful perfect boys when others struggle so much with so many things?

It's amazing what kind of thoughts go through your head when you are this tired.  It's as if someone else was peaking into my head and digging up thoughts that aren't really mine.

I feel like the most blessed person in the world.

Please God, show me how I can help those that need it.