Monday, November 28, 2011

Ultimate Christmas Present

After heading back from the doctor's office this morning, my husband calls me and asks if I could come up and see him, he wanted to see me and the boys.  That set off a red flag... that man had something up his sleeve, I just knew it.  So I went up there, he came out and said hi to the boys, and then smiled at me and handed me a set of keys.

My husband bought me a car for Christmas.
He has definitely topped any present that I might get him.  

The thing is, I have a wonderful car now, but we pay a very big payment for it each month and we can barely afford it anymore.  We were hoping to be able to pay off the car at tax time, sell it, and buy a minivan for more space.  Today he handed me the keys to a minivan, paid in full, and tomorrow we sell my car.

What better gift is there then getting us out of debt?
Thank you, Shane, for the best Christmas present ever.

Doctor's Office and Kroger Couponing

I had to run Wyatt to the doctor this morning.  Last night he spent most of the night awake screaming, and seemed to be in too much pain to sleep.  The doctor couldn't find anything wrong with him so he sent him in for blood work.  I had to sit and hold my poor boy while a woman took three vials of blood from his little bitty arm.  The results were normal, and the doctor said to call if his symptoms do not change.  My poor boy, its so hard to see him in pain!

I wanted to do some shopping while I was already going to be out in the area.  The store by his doctor's office doubles dollar coupons and makes for some great deals.  I ended up getting a total of $120.00 worth of items all for $16.98.  I drove home with a trunk full and still had change left from my $20.

If you haven't started couponing yet, I beg you.  Go out, buy some newspapers, a binder, some baseball card holders and a good pair of scissors.  Those few items make it so my family has food on the table each month and I know they can do great things for yours as well.  I would love to answer any questions about couponing and do anything I can to help you save as much money as possible!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Life with a two year old

Currently, life with a two year old is a never ending, exhausting, adventure.

During nap time today, somehow Ryder found an orange permanent marker which he decided to color with.  Oh, no, he did not color on paper.  He colored all over himself.  Both hands, both feet, one sock, and a pair of jeans, all completely covered in orange marker.  I suppose it's better than on the walls, but the adventures keep coming.

Later, I put him in his room with his toys for a few minutes so that I could do something without him under my feet. When I went to let him out, he came walking out wet diaper in hand, with his free hand he was holding up his pants which he had put back on backwards.

What a little character I have.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Stovetop Stuffing deal

I went out searching for deals again today.  Just to Kroger, after my adventure last night I was way too tired to brave the bigger better sales.

My first stop when I go to Kroger is always the manager special carts.  The deals there paired with coupons can lead to free items 80% of the time.  There was a gentleman there buying some things for his wife and him off the cart.  Nosy as I am I watched as he placed the items in his cart.  I have the manager special shelf memorized so I knew exactly what he was putting in.  I immediately pulled out my coupon book and handing him the coupons I had for the items he was purchases.  He was thrilled to be able to save a dollar on all of his purchases, and him and I spent 10 minutes talking about all the wonderful deals there were in the store, and where to watch out for the best ones.  It makes me smile that saving money really is a universal language.  Then I left four coupons on the shelf above some boxes of hair dye.  After the coupons, whoever found my special present first was going to walk out of the store with hair dye for $1.99 a box.

On to the good stuff... there were bottles of Herbal Essences conditioner there marked on manager special down to $1.39. I had a stack of dollar off coupons (which don't double at this store) which made each bottle .39 cents each.  Not as good as free but I'd rather pay the .39 cents then full price, plus they might make a good addition to the gift baskets I'm making for all of the family members this year for Christmas.  What better Christmas present is there than not to have to purchase shampoo and other household items for a month?

And, my favorite deal of the week is on Stovetop Stuffing.  I've been stocking up on it the last week because the deals have been so great, but today I found the best one.  There is a pealing pad above the stovetop this week that reads "buy 4 get one free".  Kmart has a coupon book out that include a manufacturers coupon for .50 cents off two boxes.  Kroger currently has it on sale for $1.25 a box, and has a catalina deal where you get $1.50 off your next purchase when you buy five boxes.

I bought five boxes at $1.25 each.  I used two .50/2 which doubled to $1/2.  Then I used the Get One Free coupon, and after paying I received a catalina for $1.50 off.  In the end I paid .30 cents a box for stuffing.  Makes a great addition to family meals, and it's an all time favorite comfort food here.

Hope I was able to help.  What kind of deals did you find this week?

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I hope yours was as blessed as ours was.  It was Wy's first thanksgiving, he really enjoyed the turkey dinner as much as everyone else did.  Ryder was very active all day, but seemed to be sick tonight.  He's very restless and doesn't want to stay asleep.  Poor boy, I hope hes not sick.

Dinner was great, I'm really too tired to go into details, but it was the first that I've cooked by myself ever, it was the first that I have cooked since having my own home, and it was the first that I have cooked since having my boys.  It's a nice feeling.

I dared the local Walmart store tonight for their 10pm sale.  I must have had a crazy moment.  It was absolutely  nuts.  I didn't get everything I went for, but I did get some, and that's plenty.  The boys got nice new warm pajamas, so even just that is enough to make me happy.

Off to bed.... after a late night leftover turkey sandwich.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - We have to get this boy a fish tank.

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Short and Sweet - Pre-Thanksgiving finds

I realized recently that I haven't posted in a pretty long time.  It's been even longer since I've actually posted about my two amazing little boys and how busy they keep me.  That can wait for now... for a time when my eyes aren't drooping and I'm not doing three others things at the same time I type this.

Kmart had one of their double coupon deals going on that ended today.  (I will post more about Kmart later as well)  I went in to pick up a few things before the sale ended.  To my surprise, everything I wanted was stocked and I didn't have to fight anyone to get to it.  I was able to pick up 12 packages of Nesquik Chocolate Milk mix, and 5 Coffee Mate coffee creamers all without paying a penny out the door.  (the picture doesn't match the number that I got because I gave some away before I got home)

Then Aco Hardware was having their Pre-Thanksgiving sale today.  They had 9 roll Charmin toilet paper on sale  for $4.44.  Normally not the best deal, but my local grocery store had a coupon machine in the store last week printing $2/1 Charmin product coupons.  I snatched up a lot of them because a coupon for that high value doesn't come along very often.  So with my nice coupons on top of their deal I was able to get a pretty good price on toilet paper.  So while everyone else's carts in the store were filled with things like heaters and appliances, I was the only crazy one with a cart full of toilet paper!  I walked out paying $2.44 per pack, really it's not the best deal I could have gotten, but we go through a lot of paper products in this house, so until a better deal comes along, I need to keep up with my family! (again, i gave some of this away before I got home too)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanksgiving on a budget

Kroger has some really great sales for their Mega 10 events.  They are something to watch for when you are a couponer because some of the prices are worth stocking up on.  This week, I went to the store with Thanksgiving in mind in hopes that I could get a good start on our thanksgiving meal (plus some) for a price anyone can afford.

I was able to get 4 jars of gravy, 11 cans of veggies, 8 cans of cooking soup, 5 cans of chicken broth, 4 cans of cranberry, 5 boxes of stuffing, 3 boxes of hot chocolate, and 8 packages of breath right nasal strips today for only $15.60 after sales and coupons.  My beginning total was over $70.00.  Thanks enough food to get a good start on thanksgiving sides for three families all for less than the cost that it would cost one family.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Toilet troubles

It's a very scary sound when you hear the toilet flush and the only people in the house are you and a two year old.

See, the problem is, if he sticks something in the toilet that is large... a toy, a soda can (it has happened), or a piece of clothing (yep, that's happened too)... it's not too much of an issue, just a bit of a mess to clean up.  If he sticks something small in there... momma's chap stick, a sock, or his breakfast... it's much more flustering because I have no idea if there really was something in there and we've just lost it forever or if there really was nothing in there and he just did it to hear the toilet flush.

And forget trying to get him to tell you what he put in there because he will just smile at you and go find some other fun object to put down the toilet.

Life with a toddler... there should be a warning label.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Project: Organize - Day 2

Today we moved my stockpile.  Talk about a job, considering I was doing it all alone.  I had it all store in my son's bedroom walk-in closet until yesterday when we decided to convert the closet into a built in bunk bed.  My boys are thrilled, and I cannot wait to have this unique bed added to my house.

My boys have a very long and narrow room, so removing the two twin beds and building the bunk in the closet will make a lot of extra room for them to play.

My stockpile before, we are building bunk beds in half of the closet, and the other half we are turning into a storage closet accessed from right outside the bedroom.  I am so excited about this project.

 Temporary stockpile location after.  I refuse to let these items stay in my kitchen for long, did I mention this is only half of it?  I still have to find a spot to store all of the shampoos, body washes, toothpastes, etc.

 The boys room now.  Ryder doesn't sleep in there yet, but he will very soon.

This is my inspiration.  Hopefully in the end we will have something like this and a very large space for my boys to run and make messes in. 

Favorite Thing Friday

My favorite thing this week is my back yard.  I'm so blessed to have found a house in the country (but also a mile away from town) that has the most amazing yard.  I can honestly tell you right now that I bought this house for the yard first.  I took this picture last night.  I promise you, these six deer are no more than 30 feet off my back deck.  How peaceful is it to sit and watch deer eat apples in your backyard?