Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pyloric Stenosis

Starting Saturday afternoon Sawyer has been projectile vomiting after almost every meal.  Everything will be fine, he will be sleeping peacefully or laying there looking around and suddenly his last meal will come spewing out his mouth and nose with a force that sends it flying all over him and everything around him.  This continued throughout the weekend and into Monday accompanied by whining when he eats.  I made a pediatrician appointment first thing Monday morning.  My much trusted pediatrician said that all signs lead to a disorder called Pyloric Stenosis (click here to learn more).  He went in for an ultrasound and upper GI tests today and I was told by the radiologist that it doesn't look like pyloric stenosis, and that the pediatrician will get back with me as soon as he gets the results.  I'm thrilled!  No surgery for my little man.  

It's a very scary way to celebrate the fact that hes been in this world for exactly two weeks today.  We are now waiting to hear from the pediatrician to know where to go from here.  

Prayers for Sawyer's tummy trouble.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Welcome Sawyer!

Born February 26, 2013 (On his due date!) at 3:35pm
He was 8lbs, 11oz and 20 inches long!

I started having contractions on sunday night.  They weren't constant, and weren't painful.  I continued having contractions all throughout monday, but they weren't constant or painful either.  Tuesday morning I woke up with painful contractions that were five minutes apart at 5:30am.  They continued getting closer together until 9:30am when they suddenly stopped.  I didn't have another contraction for over a half hour.  They started coming around 15 minutes apart, and then suddenly out of no where they started at three minutes apart and were very painful.  We decided to go to the hospital and got there around 11:30.  At 12 they had me in triage hooked to monitors and could not find Sawyer's heart rate.  I was in so much pain that I thought I might break Shane's fingers. The nurses spent the next two hours looking for his heart rate and discussing all the reasons they could not find it, finally discovering that his heart rate was level with mine and not at the normal rate.  At 2:15 I was admitted to an actual room and got my epidural soon after.  I had just stopped feeling the contractions and got about 15 minutes of rest before it was time for Sawyer to come into the world.  He was born at 3:35, healthy and beautiful and a whole huge 8 pounds 11 ounces!  My green giant baby.

I couldn't ask for a better baby.  He is so sweet, and soft and barely cries.  He only wakes me once a night to eat.  He's better than I could have ever asked for and we are so happy to welcome him into our perfect little family.

Welcome Sawyer William, we love you.