Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yoo-Yoo and Sawyer talks

Currently out of Ryder's mouth;  Some of this stuff is as entertaining as reality tv.

Sawyer made a loud noise and Ryder turned to him and then turned to me all excited and said "Momma! Sawyer talk!"  You can't help but smile about that, right?

Tonight at dinner the kids had some Yoohoo boxes that I got them as a treat.  I personally think the stuff is gross but they love anything that comes in a box with a straw.  One of the techniques I use to help the boys with their speech is to ask them to say different things throughout the day.

"Ryder, say YooHoo"

"Yoo-Yoo!  Momma, this Yoooooo-Yoo!"

That kid is so funny.

Currently out of Wyatt's mouth;  more and more each day!

He says momma and dada.  He says No about 2000 times a day.  He says stop and yes and bye and hello and truck and car and kitty and almost all of the animal sounds.  The other night he was saying dark, and I've gotten him to say Love you momma a few times.  He's got the biggest attitude a little man his size could have, so any words I can pull out of him is an accomplisment.  And although he's very behind on the verbal part of speech I think hes doing amazing!

I love my boys.

"Heavy Junk"

Ryder has started this new thing where he likes to take all of the large items in the house and pile them up.  Pillows, blankets, bean bag chairs, any furniture hes strong enough to drag.  Large toys, boppy pillow, crib, etc...

This morning he was making one of his large towers and said to me "Momma, this my heavy junk. Heavy junk, Momma"  Then he pointed to the horse and said "This gas, Momma.  This need gas.  Need my gasser"  He went and grabbed a juice box and pretended to put gas in the horse while making pouring sounds. 
"Glug, glug, glug.  Look, gas in there, Momma"

Really?  This kid says the craziest things!

Yesterday, we were outside playing and enjoying the beautiful weather.  He came up to me with a rock in his hand.  

"Momma, this space rock.  From space.  The moon up there." (this is where he looked up, reached his arm way up in the air and started jumping)  "Can't reach it, Momma"

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Look how little!

Look how little my boys were!

How time flies....

Happy Two Months, Sawyer.

Once again I'm a day late and a dollar short.

Happy Two Months Little Bug.  You're getting too big too quick, would you mind slowing down?

First Laughs and Funny Things

I remember very clearly the first time Ryder laughed.  It was such a strange little sound that I wasn't sure what it was at first!  He would get tickled while I was getting him dressed and start squirming and giggling.  While I was dressing Sawyer two days ago he started squirming like it tickled.  I reached up under his little arm tickled and he starting laughing!  Such a wonderful sound!  I immediately ran to get Shane so he could hear.  I tried for 10 minutes to get that kid to laugh again... he won't do it!  I haven't been able to get him to laugh again since, but I have no doubt that before too long my little boy will me laughing and smiling without end.

I've been trying to get family photos for a "family album" that is being made for Shane's father.  I'm wondering at this point if a family photo with toddlers is even possible.  Has anyone even accomplished it or is it just one of those things that is so rare that it never happens?

My failed attempts...

I'm so glad the weather is getting nicer.  Every year it seems like winter is so long that spring will never come.  And then when its hear, it can never decide whether it wants to be here, so one day its 70 and the next its 30.  What fun it is not to live in California! Not.  I decided to take advantage of the warm day yesterday and let the kids get some fresh air.  Seems like with my pregnancy and the long winter we have been in this houses forever!  Have I mentioned how beautiful my children are?

See, I'm right aren't I?  They're amazing.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Me did it, Momma"

Ryder decided to make his own lunch today.  Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

A little heavy on the peanut butter, I had to remind him of the jelly before he used the whole jar.

But when he was finished, he was so proud of himself.

And definitely enjoyed eating his hard work!  He said: "Me did it, Momma!"

The Easter Bunny strikes again!

The Easter Bunny arrived late for Trevor.  Before Trevor could find his chocolate bunny, the two little ones were standing under it pointing it out.  Smart ones they are.... they have a nose for finding the chocolate.

Happy 40th!

Happy Birthday my dear husband.  

I couldn't ask for a better husband, friend, provider, and father to my children.  

You're everything that I need and could ever want.  

Thank you.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter... a bit late.

Easter eggs

Sawyer's first Easter.  We were waiting in the car before Cousin Angel's birthday party for the other boys to wake up from their naps they took on the drive over.  The boys had their first real Easter egg hunt while we were there.  They had so much fun!  Wyatt kept yelling "Egg!" and running around the yard picking them up. Ryder ended up with two overflowing bags full of eggs!  It makes me want to recreate it over and over for them throughout the year.  I love seeing my boys have so much fun!

The Easter Bunny hid chocolate rabbits around the house for the boys.  Wyatt's was hidden in the bottom of the china cabinet, and with just a bit of help he found it.  He yelled "Hey!" and pointed to it. 

Ryder's bunny was hidden behind the curtains.  He spotted it not long after we explained to him that he needed to find it.

Then both boys ate chocolate bunnies for breakfast.