Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day in the life.

So, when I created this blog I knew that my days would be interested with boys.  I don't think I really knew how interesting they really would be.

I woke up this morning after being up all night with an 8 month old who is cutting his first two bottom teeth.  Exhausted.  I was so tired in fact that after getting myself and the boys all ready to take Ryder to school I looked at the clock and realized that he had been supposed to be already signed into school ten minutes ago.  No school for Ryder today.

The boys then started yelling and playing in the bedroom while I was getting myself some much needed coffee.  Ryder comes running out... "Momma!  Spider in room!".  Oh boy.  This wasn't just a spider, it was a spider of the giant toe eating variety.  Just as I was about to make him a squish on the wall with my shoe the silly thing decides to crawl into the corner.  Sentenced to death by drowning in bug spray.

A little later, while sitting at my computer taking care of some things the boys got into the closet and found some of the Christmas presents that I have stashed away.  Ryder: "Momma?  What those?"  Me: "Those are for Jesus' birthday buddy, can you please get out of the closet?"  Ryder saying to Wyatt: "Wyatt! Those for Jesus birthday!  He share us!"

Moving on from the toys to find other trouble they pulled dada's guitar out from under the bed and started strumming it.  Me: "Boys, I really hope you don't have that guitar pulled out right now."  Ryder: "Momma, me put it back.  You not see."

Keep in mind, that as I write this its only noon.

After they finished eating lunch, Ryder put his dishes away and the boys were still in the kitchen.  Ryder, who's been potty training for the last month says to me. "Momma! Me poop kitchen!"  I never in my life would have thought I would hear those words.  He took himself to the bathroom and cleaned himself up.  Changed his clothes and put his things in the dirty clothes.  All the while Wyatt is standing next to it like it is the most interesting thing in his little world and telling me "Poop, Momma! Poop!"   Then as I'm helping Ryder, Wyatt walks out with his entire hand covered in poop that he had pulled out of his own diaper.

Yes.... It is only noon.

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