Thursday, September 5, 2013


We spend our whole life making memories.  Whether good or bad they stay with us, and sometimes pass on to the next generation.  I pray that I live life making the best memories and passing them onto my children.

Right now the boys are out in the garage with dada.  Shane is repairing his four wheeler and the two boys have tools and are working on their own peddle bikes.  Anything to be like dada.

I'm exhausted.  It seems like every day is too short and there is far too many thing to accomplish in such a short day.  There's a million things I should be doing right now, and that makes me feel guilty for sitting here on my computer.  Where is the balance?

It's been a little over a month now since the passing of Shane's Dad.  Hard to believe that the man I thought would be here forever is now dancing in Heaven with Jesus.  I miss him.  I try and hide it because I feel like that's what is best for Shane and the boys but it's not easy.  The little boys aren't old enough to understand what happened to Grandpa.  Ryder says that Grandpa is now fixed in Heaven.  It's amazing how touching the logic of a child can be.  I will forever think about Dad as being fixed in Heaven now.  But that doesn't stop the tears.

One day I will write about the man Dad was so that when the boys are older they will have a piece of him to help remember.

Sawyer is getting so big.  He's starting to sit up on his own, scooping across the carpet and chattering to himself.  I'm already starting to experience baby fever.  Ryder officially starts pre-k in 11 days.  I'm so excited for him.  He is going to love school and I'm going to love having that time to spend with Wyatt.  I pray that God blesses this experience for him and keeps him safe.  Wyatt is starting to talk in sentences and pronouncing his words so well.  I thought he had a speech problem but it turned out the whole time he was just stubborn.  And stubborn he is, the boy could hold a grudge for a week if he wanted to!

Shane is getting baptized this weekend.  I'm so proud of him.  I've been waiting for him to grow into the Godly husband and leader that I know he can be.  I finally have the husband that I've always wanted. He really is amazing.  I have God to thank for it.  I pray that God works in my life and makes me into the Godly woman and wife that He wants me to be.

Off to bed... so tired tonight.

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