Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Alright.... So maybe I don't have one child anymore.  Maybe I don't have a lot of free time.  Maybe I really don't even have an extra ten minutes to sit down and pour my heart out about all the cute things my kids did during the day.  Maybe even if I did have ten minutes I'm far too mentally or physically exhausted to even think clearly enough to tell you about all the genius things they did.  Maybe I should stop feeling so guilty that fifteen years from now I won't have a million stories floating around cyber space to remember all those cute things by. Maybe.

But I still feel guilty.

And I still want to tell you those cute things.

And tell you how amazing I am.

Yes, you heard me right.  I'm amazing.

I made it through my very first weekend of a family stomach bug.  Yes, family.  Whole family.  One by one.  Like Dominos, but with way more puking and a lot less fun.

Started with Wyatt.  That pour little boy always gets so sick.  His symptoms with everything are so much worse than other children.  God made him special that way.  He spent the whole night screaming and crying in his sleep and vomiting all over himself.  And the carpet. And the couch.  And the chair.  And the television stand.  And I think I even found some in the entry hallway.  Not sure how that one happened.  He slept a total of fifteen hours the following night.  I had to keep checking on him to reassure myself he was still breathing!  Ryder came next.  His round with the flu consisted of a lot of accidents in his underwear.  (Did I mention how much laundry I had to do after this weekend?  I think it probably set a record of some sort.)  Next Sawyer.  I woke up with a funny feeling.  Went and checked on the boys to find Baby Bug ice cold laying in a pool of his own vomit.  He was covered from head to toe in it and not moving.  After my heart took a trip to China I shook him awake and got him cleaned up brought him into bed with me to warm up.  Can you guess what my mistake was?  Yes.  You're right.  I brought him into my nice warm bed.  He puked.  All over everything.  (Add bedding and two pairs of baby pjs to my pile of dirty laundry now.)  I slept in the chair and he slept on Ryder's bed.

Can you guess who got sick next?



We can skip all the fabulous details.

Can you believe that I just spent the last twenty minutes typing to you about puke?

Looking back, I was terrified of having to face my babies all being sick at once, always being told how awful it is to have multiple sick children.  I'm really proud of myself.  It really wasn't that difficult, and I'm still alive.  Completely exhausted but alive.

Have I mentioned how big my babies are getting?  Sawyer will be one in a little over a month!  Wyatt is due to start preschool after his birthday in a month, and Ryder is such a little man.  The stories he tells and the random things that he comes up with.  He's incredibly smart and full of life.  And Wyatt is so special.  He's one of a kind.  And I'm so excited for the years to come to see Sawyer's personality grow!  I'm so blessed to have been chosen to be their momma.

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