Extreme Couponing

Tips, Tricks, and my experience with Extreme Couponing

Couponing has become part of our lifestyle.  Even Ryder sits and cuts coupons with me.  It's become the way our family, living on a very small income, can enjoy the finer products and make sure we have enough food on the table every month.  It has lowered our paper goods budget down to about half of what it was a month and that's including a lot of things I can purchase that I just wouldn't have bought before.  

While it is time consuming, it really is the easiest and most enjoyable thing, and worth every minute you put into it.

Even you can do it.

Now...  I'm not talking about your average every day small envelope of coupons trip to the grocery store.  I'm talking extreme... as in walking out of the store with a 90% savings, or having them pay you for your items.  Can you really sit there and tell me that getting things free isn't fun?

I've come to think of the grocery store as an adventure.  It's no longer a chore or dreaded.  It's a place where my currency isn't always green, and I didn't always have to work 40 hours for it.

Coming soon...

Some of my favorite resources.  I rely on them, and others to help me find weekly deals, and tell me how to do them.  While I do have time to cut coupons, organize, and scan store ads, I don't have time to find every deal out there... that's where the following wonderful websites come in!  


I Heart Kroger